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5 star service at The Glasses Company


We don't advertise - our customers do it for us!

The Glasses Company has been providing glasses for over 35 years. We take pride in the quality and service we deliver. We have a fantastic customer care team who strive to provide the best all round customer experience. We have a rating of 4.6/5 on Google. To see - please click here

Below are a selection of some lovely comments from our customers. It's nice to be nice - isn't it?


See some of the reviews from our lovely customers.




Fantastic service from start to finish. Lovely people who I spoke to as well to check find out when my order was arriving. Forget high street shops, glasses company all the way. Thanks for a fab service guys, not only do I have a great pair of new ray ban specs but I saved loads of money. Yay!!



Fantastic service from start to finish . Less than a fraction of the price of high street shops ! I ordered some Versace frames for £76 compare to £270 from Boots ! Even including my lenses still cheaper than Boots for just the frames . Brilliant , faultless customer service ! Wouldn't go anywhere else in the future.



Ordered some glasses for my Dad from The Glasses Company, the service was excellent. They called to confirm the prescription to ensure everything was ok. Glasses arrived as expected and he was very pleased with them. He was also really pleased with the price compared to the high street opticians!



Amazing service - glasses received promptly and even after I had a hiccup and had to return them, I still received the new pair and new lenses within mere days. Cannot fault their service in the least. Thank you to the whole team.



Seriously one of the best companies i have ever dealt with. I buy a lot of things online and the glasees company have been absolutely excellent. I have bought two pairs varifocal glasses from them - one for me and my wife. My wife had a slightly tricky prescription and the optician picked this up straightaway and proactively called us to confirm. The glasses were delivered within 8 days - quicker then expected considering the bank holidays. The lenses are significantly superior to previous pairs i have had from the high street. I will be back soon. Thanks a million.



Excellent company to do business with, ordered glasses which was simple, realised i wanted to change order so got in touch and it was done straight away which was excellent, had a phone call to confirm everything was ok, emailed when lenses were being made and delivery was on the way . got glasses which was just what i wanted great company to do business with.



Ordered from here as they cater for stronger prescriptions and not many online places do. Easy to order, lots of frames to choose from, good value and very fast delivery. My new glasses are perfect - would recommend!



I order a pair of varifocals and happy with the price and service. Although contact is mainly via email, one of their opticians (Jay) contacted me over the phone and had a chat about my prescription and recommendations. I am very happy with this company and will happily use them again.



Excellent company and great prices! i asked if they could install transitions drivewear lenses into a lens option is not on the website. These lenses are excellent for driving. Even in overcast condition they still tint slightly. Strong sunlight they have a nice dark tint. Perfect for driving. Great comms and they are happy to accommadate any special requirements. This is now the 3rd pair of glasses i have bought from them. Highly recommended.

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