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Autumn/winter 2021 eyewear trends

10 min read - 23/08/2022

Autumn/winter 2021 eyewear trends

Rectangular sunglasses with acetate frames in vibrant colours have been big throughout 2021. These vibrant hues, ranging from olive green to smokey crimson, will quickly raise your spirits and make you long for a getaway. Chunky white frames are perfect if you’re going for a clean, modern look.

Eyewear trends for 2021 were tougher to notice at London Fashion Week in March this year, probably because of the pandemic, and secondly, autumn/winter A/W eyewear trends are harder to spot because designers typically feature eyewear in Spring/Summer shows and fewer designers showcased online this year.

However, with autumn in full swing and winter fast approaching in Europe, there seem to be only two trends for the season. Sunglasses and eyewear with squared, oversized frames are popular again. However, keep your face shape in consideration when searching for 2021’s eyewear style. Even though large eyeglasses look great on a variety of faces, you should not go overboard.

Protective eyewear

The first line of defence for your eyes is a pair of sunglass shields. We’ve seen them in prior seasons as the shield shade, and given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, they may be around for a while. Wearers want to feel safe while yet looking good. However, in earlier seasons, acetate or other plastic-based shield shades were more prevalent.

This is changing for the better this season and you can discard plastic and embrace metal as an alternative. People are more aware of their surroundings and the environment, perhaps because of the pandemic.

Square frames

The name should be very self-explanatory. For this season, they have enlarged and made more evident the fact that the eyewear is square, with sharper corners and more straight lines than the previous season’s version was. If you don’t want to wear a full-on protective shade, this may be a good alternative. It also works well for optical styles.

Tinted as a side-trend

Did we mention that tinted shades are a side trend this season? Because of the pandemic, people may decide to put on their eyeglasses more frequently as an additional layer of defence. However, for indoor use, a completely dark-tinted lens may not be the best option.

Therefore, the solution is to use a lens with a light tint, which is stylish while also providing security. One of the photos of the protective shade above has a faint tint, while the others have no tint. As a result, until the pandemic is over, these types of lenses may become more popular.

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