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The past few years has seen a significant increase in people choosing to buy glasses online. The industry has flourished, offering you a full range of excellent benefits. This is the most hassle free approach, that saves you time and money.

Why Buy Glasses Online?

When you choose to buy glasses online, you can enjoy a complete range of excellent benefits. In addition to the excellent selection of frames and lens options, you can get all the information you need at your fingertips, without having to drive to your nearest store to find a pair of glasses.

Companies selling their prescription glasses online offer a wider choice of colours, extras and styles. In addition to this, you can read reviews to get a feel for the company
and the quality of glasses that they provide.

When you choose to buy glasses online, you will find that you have the convenience of sitting in your own home or office and going through the options. You can narrow down your search based on material, shape and colour. You will need a current eye prescription from your eye doctor, along with your measurements when placing an order.

You will enjoy a wider choice than you will find in any optician store. You can browse a full range of frames, gather information on each frame you like and read reviews, helping you make the best informal decision. You will also find that because these glasses are sold on the internet, they can be much cheaper. This enables you to buy designer frames at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose the Right Glasses

If you haven’t purchased glasses via the internet in the past, then you may feel a little overwhelmed. The good news is that choosing the right glasses is actually relatively easy, as long as you bear the following tips in mind:

How to Understand Your Prescription

Eye prescriptions are confusing. They are made up of symbols, numbers and abbreviations. These are measurements that relate to your vision needs. The abbreviations stand for:

Now that you have some understanding of the abbreviations, you will see your eye prescription also has numbers. Each eye prescription will have an abbreviation along with positive or negative numbers that indicate what power is needed for that part of the lens, in order to correct your vision.

Negative numbers has a minus sign, labelled under SPH. This is seen if you are nearsighted. Positive numbers with a plus sign are seen under SPH if you are far sighted. SPH numbers can range anywhere from 0.00 to 20.00, while Cylinder numbers can range from +/- 0.25 to +/- 4.00.

Tips to Choosing the Right Frame for Your Facial Shape

When it comes to choosing the right frames for your face shape, it’s a good idea to think of contrasting shapes. If your face is square, then choose curved frames that will soften the sharp angles of your face, giving you a thin appearance.

At the same time, if you have a round face consider square glasses and those with a heart shaped face should look at round glasses, giving your face a symmetrical appearance.

Selecting Lens Types and Coatings

Lenses come in different materials with a variety of categories. The first step is to choose the type of lens you require, this can be:

The next step is to choose your lens package, along with whether you would like an additional coating. Coatings include UV coatings, transition lenses, digital protection and tints.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Eyeglasses

When you buy glasses online from The Glasses Company, you will be welcomed with an extensive selection of frames, including designer frames, budget friendly options and unisex designs.

Designer Frames

Some of the popular designer frames you will find on our website includes Mark Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Furla, Jimmy Choo and many more. Our designer frames are offered at competitive prices, so you can make your selection with confidence.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you are looking for a budget friendly selection when you buy glasses online, you have come to the right website. We offer Planet frames and our own brand from only £9, enabling you to find the perfect frames at a price that you can afford.

Latest Trends in Eyewear

Eyewear trends change every year. This year we are seeing a demand for cat eye frames, large oversized frames and clear frames. We always stock the latest frames to ensure you remain trendy when you buy glasses online.

Men’s, Women’s, and Unisex Styles

We ensure you find exactly what you are looking for when you purchase your eye glasses via our website. We have easy to use categories for men and women, or you can make your selection from our vast unisex styles.

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