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Benefits of glasses over lenses

8 min read - 23/08/2022

Benefits of glasses over lenses

Prescription Glasses and contact lenses are both effective in helping to improve your eye sight. Both come with their own host of advantages and some disadvantages, with eyeglasses providing more benefits than contact lenses, making them one of the most favoured choice for adults and juniors today.

The great benefit to glasses over lenses is that you can make your selection to suit your personal preference and style. You can choose glasses based on your lifestyle, what you’re comfortable with and of course, you choose based on your budget. You will find you have access to thousands of different frame designs, so you are assured to find the right match that meets your design preferences.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

Next you will find that eyeglasses offer more benefits than contacts including the reduced need to touch your eyes. Wearing contacts means you have to physically touch your eyes and without proper hygiene controls in place, it’s easy to infect your eye. Those wearing contacts will experience conjunctivitis or some form of eye infection at some point. When you wear glasses this risk is dramatically reduced.

If you suffer from dry or sensitive eyes then you will find that with contact lenses your problem may be made considerably worse, where by wearing glasses, your eyes won’t be made more irritable.

Affordable Prices with an Extensive Range of Stylish Frames

A great benefit of glasses over lenses is you will get cheap glasses online or in store. You pay a one off price for your prescription glasses, but contacts come in a monthly or daily variety, which will work out more in the long run.  Glasses offer the protection your eyes need against dirt and debris, helping to keep them protected and safe while improving your eye sight.

Finally, you have a wide choice of designer prescription glasses & frames you can choose from, which ensures you find the style that best suits your facial shape and lifestyle needs. If you do a large number of sports or outdoor activities, then plastic frames are probably a better choice for you than choosing metal frames, which are a great choice for those who live a corporate lifestyle.

Regular Eye Testing

Whether you choose glasses or contact lenses, you will need to have your eyes tested every two years, as an adult and every year if you are a junior. Ensure you have an updated eye prescription when ordering your glasses over lenses to enjoy the benefits that they provide.

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