Eyewear Glasses for Sports

  • July 22, 2019
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Eyewear glasses for sports are designed to fit comfortable on your face with a secure fit when it comes to doing any physical activity. These glasses help to keep your eyes safe and improve your vision, ensuring you can continue with the sports you enjoy.

Let’s be honest, vision plays a vital role in your sporting performance. Sports eyeglasses can have a positive impact on your performance. The proof is in various studies carried out worldwide over the years.

Evidence that eyewear glasses for sport boost performance

In 2003 there was a study carried out in the United Kingdom which evaluated Wimbledon tennis players and UK national clay pigeon shooters who suffered with mildly blurred vision. During the study the athletes were required to wear goggles that blurred this vision ever so slightly to secure the best and most accurate end results.

When it came to the tennis players, they were evaluated on returning to ball to a target on the opposite side of the court, while the clay pigeon shooters were evaluated based on how many clay pigeons they could hit. Tennis players returned only sixty two percent of the balls, that was a twenty five percent decrease in performance with blurred vision.

Eyes can be protected during sports with eyewear glasses for sports

One of the most dangerous eye problems for outdoor sports men and women is the dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation that comes from the sun. UV rays have been proven to be linked to cataracts, ocular tumours and much more. You can also get eye sunburn, which is called photokeratitis, this is a painful condition which can result in serious long term damage to the cornea of your eye.

Tinted Lenses (transition lenses), anti glare coatings and more can provide highly effective in filtering the glare and protecting the eyes against the dangerous UV ray effects of the sun in the long run. Wearing transition lenses outdoors will also help reduce squinting into the sun, which can reduce the signs of ageing with fine lines and wrinkles next to your eyes, while protecting the eye, helping you see clearer when facing the glare of the sun.

Always ensure any glasses you buy for sports are a comfortable fit, are not too heavy and they meet your eye care needs to help you see clearly and with confidence when playing your favourite sport in the long run.