Five Makeup Hacks for The Glasses Wearer

  • September 6, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Wearing glasses is considered dorky no more. Many men and  women alike buy Ray Ban glasses online with unique frame shapes and colours to match their personality. The variety of glasses available has grown incredibly and many fashionable women have taken this glasses and make-up look to a new level.

Here are a few tips to look good while wearing glasses.

Choose smaller and sleeker accessories

Sparkly studs, a fedora, a barrette to keep the hair in its place or a long chain with no chunky elements can perfectly complement the glasses. The idea here is to downsize the other elements and make the glasses look like a purposeful accessory. Therefore, do not overwhelm your facial features with ostentatious elements and keep the focus on the glasses intact.

A touch of makeup for the eyes would suffice

Avoid heavy colours and dark eye-liners for the eyes while wearing glasses. Instead use a single stroke of a simple colour like navy blue or brown over the eyelid and use light shades to gently define the eyes. Avoid the smoky eyes look or the black wings as they tend to look more magnified through the glasses. Use the mascara to pull up your lashes with an additional stroke at the roots.

Be liberal with your lip colour

Glasses and bold lip colours are a match made in heaven. Apply your favourite shade of lip colour liberally (up to 2-3 layers) if you are wearing glasses with a thicker frame. Bright shades brighten up the face without making the glasses looking clumsy for the wearer. For women, who wish to keep it light, nude glosses are a good choice.

Try the poof

A front hair poof has the instant power to make the glasses wearer look chic and stylish. Simply use some bobby pins and a small-sized hair puff to secure your hair into a half-up poof and you are all set to rock the party floor.

Trimmed eyebrows work well

When you buy Ray Ban glasses online, be prepared to keep the eyebrows in shape always. The frames easily draw the attention towards the eyebrow and untrimmed hair may spoil the overall look of the individual. If your eyebrows have sparse spots, fill them gently using the eye shadow powder or use an eyebrow pencil to make them look brighter.