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Different types of varifocal glasses

12 min read - 22/08/2022

Different types of varifocal glasses

With the advancement of technology everything gets better, also the choices in terms of which glasses people wear. The frame is the fashion piece, but the lens is what helps you to see clearly.

Eye Test – The moment people realise they may have a problem with their eye sight they will visit an optometrist, the professional that tests for vision. In serious cases one would be sent to an ophthalmologist. Thereafter an optician prepares the glasses you need.

There are different types of glasses and lenses out there. Some people may only ever need reading glasses, others may need glasses to discern objects either near of far, for example. It all depends on exactly how one’s eyes have deteriorated with time. Some lenses are single lenses and others bifocal.

Varifocal – There is also the varifocal lens, or as it is often referred to, the progressive lens which is prescribed for the client whose eyes require a specific type of lens. In those cases where the varifocal lens is required, the optometrist will hand the client a prescription to take to the optician to prepare the correct varifocal lens according to the prescription.

Individuals that need this type of lens are normally those that need lenses to enable sight for all distances, i.e. to see near, far and in-between. Unlike bifocal lenses the varifocal does not have a dividing line on the lens. You simply use the top part to see distance, the bottom for close up work and the middle for intermediate purposes.

Types – Good service providers will distinguish between certain types of varifocals, which means they are all great varifocals but they may offer discerning features or additional extras such as, for example, a specific coating to offer better protection of the lenses, or you can choose a lens with anti-reflection properties. There are normally a few choices.

Most companies offer a standard option of varifocal lenses; they may also offer a premium option, and an elite option as well. This will depend on the company one is dealing with. These are often offered according to specific needs and requirements or tastes. A lot depends on the quality of the lens. The better the quality, the less distortion is experienced and the better the vision. Therefore the distinction between standard, premium and elite, for example.

One would normally ask the service provider to supply the choice one prefers. Of course the varifocal, like any other lens, sits in a frame. A great firm will offer you different choices from all the leading brands, and they will make sure they have the best ones available, because they will know what’s trending.

Ordering online – You can either buy your glasses – the frame and varifocal lenses tested to be the appropriate ones for your specific eye sight – from a firm on the high street or log on and deal with an online company. More and more people these days prefer to get a prescription from their optometrist and complete the purchase online. It is convenient, saves time and allows as many frame choices as one wants.

It is also true that the online purchase is the cheaper of the options: online firms do not rent office space or employ a lot of staff that must be paid salaries. Therefore they are cheaper even though the quality of their product is the same.

As is the case with reading glasses or other types of prescription lenses the varifocal lens ensures that the client gets the lenses best suited to their needs. There are different types of varifocals, and they are available from a choice of dispensers – also online.

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