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Guide to buying frames for your prescription glasses

11 min read - 22/08/2022

Guide to buying frames for your prescription glasses

Want to buy funky frames for your prescription lenses but anxious about the purchase? No problem, read on to find tips on how to make good a purchase!

Remember the first rule – eyes are the most delicate organs in the human body. It needs to be protected to the highest level possible. Hence, there should be no compromises when it comes to dealing with your eyes.

Prescription glasses must be considered carefully, since it involves the health and well-being of your eyes. And so, you first step should be to choose a good lens.

If the ophthalmologist has prescribed a specific lens type for you – anti-reflective, computer vision coating, bi-focal, etc. then make the purchase from a reputed and trustworthy company only.

You may go for contact lenses or glasses. Both are quite efficient in their function. Glasses are funkier and fun to wear, since you can experiment with them and match them to your outfits.

If you are looking for glasses, want to save on costs, yet make a great purchase, you can consider online prescription glasses in the UK

The myriad of options for frames and colours will bowl you over. Segregated as per the shape of the face and many other factors, glasses are available online at cheap rates and come with a host of amazing discounts.

All you need to do is look for the preferred lens type you want, enter your prescription information and pick the right frame. The product will be delivered right to your house, at no extra cost for orders over £75. Within a matter of a week, you will be flaunting your new glasses with spunk and fervour!

Are the number of frame option dizzying your mind? Here’s how you chose – take the shape of your face into account.

Some frames look better on round faces, while some look better on a square face.

How to know if your face is round or oval? Here’s how – just like a circle is equal in all areas, so is the face.

You will have a well-rounded chin muscle and cheeks, which gives the face a complete and full look. Use lenses in which the width is wide; also, consider purchasing glasses which have a defined nose pad.

If you have a square shaped face, the forehead is known to be wide and the jawline seems to be well developed. A quick check method of buying glasses is that it should be in total contrast to your face type. If you have a square face, for instance, you should go for round shaped glasses. This way, the main features of the face will be highlighted, giving you a charming and elegant appearance.

Two other common face types are oval and the diamond face cut. In a diamond cut, the chin is generally pointed and the cheekbones are high. Whereas, in an oval shape face cut, the proportion of the forehead and the chin are the same. For both these types, you can go for librarian frames or the cat-eyed look.

Another important factor to consider while buying frames for your prescription glasses is the colour of your skin.

There are vivid colours, materials, etc. available online. Talk to an expert about which colour may suit your skin colour and face type the best.

The frame you choose should be such that it accentuates your features, instead of hiding them. Choose the best frames and add spunk and colour to your life!

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