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Importance of designer glasses

11 min read - 23/08/2022

Importance of designer glasses

Because people differ it is to be expected that not all of us will always like the same things or have the same habits, which, of course, is fine: it makes for a more interesting world!

Different Types of Glasses – Millions of people world-wide wear glasses, be they for reading only or prescription glasses. For the latter you will obviously have seen an optometrist or eye specialist to establish what kind of glasses you would need. If yours are prescription glasses the person testing your eye sight will make sure you get a prescription which you take to the optician or company that will prepare the glasses for you.

At times one may be able to buy, say, reading glasses over the counter. However, that is not possible with prescription glasses. Of course glasses are acquired to offer better sight, but it is true that very few people will be happy with the glasses they wear only for their practical use.

Glasses are normally the first thing people notice when they look at your face and eyes, and yes, this is how we communicate: our facial expressions and our eyes are the first features that will convey any communication. This means furthermore that people who wear eye glasses will want to wear glasses that make them look good instead of unattractive, hence the need for designer glasses. Glasses consist of the correct lenses for your eye as well as the frame.

Choosing the Frame – When choosing the frame you are often telling the world something about yourself, about your personality, even your identity. You may decide for a formal look, someone that wants to be portrayed in a serious fashion – the office look if you would. You may also be the kind of person that wants to wear funky, happy glasses to go with your outgoing personality, or you may opt for something in between. The lenses do not do this –frames do.

That is why there are so many choices, so many brands that market their frames in shops and online too. People feel that, if they are going to wear glasses for the rest of their life, they may just as well choose a brand and design that suit the shape of their face and personality too.

Buying Online – Of course these frames can be studied at the shop of the optician you deal with, or online. The latter has become a great choice – and preference – for many who buy glasses. Instead of endless visits to the optician, you visit an optometrist once for the eye test; thereafter you log on and order a great pair of designer glasses online, no matter what you need them for.

It is also possible to order sunglasses, or prescription glasses this way. If you want to, ask your optician to add a certain tint to your lenses. With advanced technology it is so much easier today to get the exact pair you want by logging on. Since one normally wears prescription glasses for more than simply a few weeks or months, most would agree that the choice of the dealer and their choices of frames will be an important factor.

Choose someone that offers good experience in the business, someone that has a great selection of frames available – a firm that offers advice and assistance. A pair of designer eye glasses are, for most, as important as the outfits they wear. Find a firm that meets your expectations when you want a pair of quality designer glasses.

If you need any advice or help, please get in touch with our helpful team at The Glasses Company.

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