Pupillary Distance
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Pupillary Distance

This is the distance between the centre of the two pupils, normally expressed in millimetres. Having an accurate value means the eye is looking through the centre of the lens, making vision clearer. This value should be available from your own optician. 

Unfortunately however, many opticians are reluctant provide this pupillary distance to prevent their patients from going elsewhere. Therefore, if you prefer, we can make your glasses using an average value. We make hundreds of frames successfully using the UK average PD of between 62mm and 64mm. 

Please note that if you have a particularly high prescription with significant deviations from the norm, you may experience greater difficulty adjusting to an 'average' pupillary distance. In this case, we recommend you get your pupillary distance measured. Alternatively, we can assist in arranging this.

If you would like more assistance, or would like to speak to our in-house optician, feel free to contact us on 01582 575886.

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