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Reasons why it is important to measure pupillary distance accurately

12 min read - 24/08/2022

Reasons why it is important to measure pupillary distance accurately

Your pupillary distance (PD) is usually measured by and required by any eye doctor or ophthalmologist in order for your new glasses to be properly adjusted to your eyes. The pupillary distance is the distance in mm between the centres of your right and left pupils. The PD is generally found on your glasses prescription, but if not, or you are unable to consult an eye doctor for any reason, you can also easily measure the pupillary distance yourself, especially if you are looking to buy glasses online.

Before we go any further, it is important to understand what pupillary distance is. As we mentioned before, PD is the distance between the centres of your right and left pupils in millimetres. Adults have pupillary distances ranging from 55 to 80 mm. It is also common to be asked what the pupil distance is for each eye. You can easily measure the distance between your pupil and the centre of your nose but note that the distance between the eyes can vary.

Why is PD important?

It all comes down to optimal vision. Prescription lenses always have an optical centre. This is the part of the glasses (or the lenses) through which you can see perfectly. In other words: the part of the glasses where your required vision correction is perfectly honed. To determine this optical centre for your new glasses, we need your pupillary distance.

You may identify it on your prescription by the letters PD in combination with two digits and millimetres (mm). The pupillary distance might be shown as one or two figures. For example, with one number indicated, the pupillary distance is 65 mm, whereas, with two numbers given, the pupillary distance is 32.5 mm and 32.5 mm. Not seeing your pupillary distance represented on your prescription? Don’t stress too much about it because with an online PD meter or App that you can download from a trusted App store, you can quickly measure it yourself. You can also get your pupillary distance measured with a ruler by someone else.

One of the quickest ways to deter your PD without visiting an eye doctor is by using an online PD meter, however, you will need a laptop or computer, and possibly a bank card for payment. For example, if you wear spectacles, the online App will ask you to remove them, hold a magnetic stripe card against your face, and then take a photo. On the other hand, if you have previously ordered prescription glasses from The Glasses Company and the results of your PD measurement have been added before, they will automatically be available when you order again.

Do I need a prescription if I order glasses online?

Yes, you will need a prescription if you are buying corrective vision glasses online for the first time, and you may need an updated prescription if you have previously purchased glasses from The Glasses Company. Your prescription provides a wealth of vital information. Your correction values are the most significant information on your glasses prescription, and this enables you to make the proper eye correction so that you can finally see clearly again.

To create your new spectacles for you, we may need some personal information from you, which you may send to us through email or online along with your prescription. When you order your glasses online, we can complete your prescription and then get to work on creating the perfect pair of prescription glasses for you. We’ve streamlined the entire process so that you can just visit our website, select the frame of your choosing, enter your prescription at the checkout and pay for your order. After a few days, your brand-new prescription glasses will arrive at your doorstep!

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