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The best glasses to protect your eyes against computer vision syndrome

9 min read - 23/08/2022

The best glasses to protect your eyes against computer vision syndrome

One can hardly imagine a life without using modern, digital technology, but unfortunately, it also has its downfalls. Too much exposure to digital screens (computers and cell phones) has implications for the eyes and can affect one’s vision and overall eye health.

How is computer vision syndrome caused?

According to experts, especially young people nowadays spend much more time in front of their screens, and this is affecting their eyesight. When you read, both your eyes must work together to be able to see properly, in other words, your eyes’ muscles must contract. However, people tend to hold their tablets or cell phones closer to their eyes than they would hold a book, for example. This causes the eyes to work much harder and thus puts more strain on the eyes.

As a result, many people develop the condition that is known as ‘computer vision syndrome’. This is a condition that occurs mainly due to too much time being focused on a computer screen or other devices, and the eye muscles become too tense and are unable to recover later.

What are the signs of computer vision syndrome?

Redness, fatigue, irritated and itchy eyes, headaches, poor eyesight, reduced concentration, and sensitivity to light, are just a few of the unpleasant symptoms that people experience as a result.

Others experience fluctuating vision, which occurs when the muscles in your eyes become accustomed to focusing on a digital device and then cannot relax as soon as you look at something else.

How can I protect my eyes every day?

Fortunately, there are new technologies that can help alleviate this condition, such as a blue light layer, or supportive lenses for your glasses, which can reduce eye strain. A blue light protection layer is a very good option to address the problem effectively and can be added to lenses to counteract the glare of screens and protect you from harmful rays.

Please also read our article on how to choose the correct lenses.

Technology has become part of our daily lives and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are nowadays working remotely, which also means that they spend much more time in front of computer screens than necessary for healthy eyes.

Prolonged computer use, no matter how essential it may be for your work, is not good for the eyes. Thorough research has been done to prove that continuous blue light exposure – especially at a young age – can increase the risk of near-sightedness.

However, the use of prescription glasses can help reduce reflection on the lens, through a counter-reflection layer. Because we at The Glasses Company understand the dangers of computer vision syndrome, we offer a wide range of prescription glasses, as well as frames, that will help protect your eyes when you need your vision most.

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