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Top 5 men’s frame styles that never go out of fashion

11 min read - 24/08/2022

Top 5 men’s frame styles that never go out of fashion

Fortunately, those unpleasant prejudices regarding reading glasses have gradually faded over the last few years, and many people now regard them not just as a necessity but also as a fashion accessory. To assist you with your online purchase, our team from The Glasses Company has selected the top five men’s frame styles that never go out of style.

Clear frames

Clear glasses frames, which are almost invisible from a distance, have that unique vibe that we’ve forgotten about since we became used to strong coloured frames. Sure, they have been around for a long time, but clear glasses frames regained popularity due to many celebrities wearing them on late-night television shows and red-carpet events. They go perfectly with any outfit and are suitable for almost all skin tones.

 Oversized frames

Big eyeglasses are bold and certainly eye-catching. If you are a shy introvert and looking to steal the show, this is a must-try trend for you. Choosing the appropriate colour and shape for your eyes, skin tone and face will not only ensure a comfortable fit, but it will also show that you are fashion-conscious. Be prepared to have all the eyes in the room on you, because big eyeglass frames draw attention, while they also complement your own style.

Rounded eyewear for that Vintage look

Who will ever forget those John Lennon eyeglasses? Most rounded men’s eyewear is inextricably linked to John Lennon’s distinctive look and his call for world peace. His narrow features and long hair complemented his simple metal spectacles frames. Heart-shaped and square faces can wear eyeglass frames that are perfectly spherical. They assist balance a broad brow, although rounder faces benefit from a higher contrast in frames, such as rectangular or square.

Release your inner hippie

Hipster eyeglass frames are still among the most popular styles for men. Vintage-inspired hipster glasses, which were formerly intended as a plain square shape, became famous after numerous celebrities adopted this appearance and turned them into a cultural fashion phenomenon – and quite a seductive one.

Hipster glasses are the eyewear trend for you if you are an urbanite who dress for success every day, or if diverse fashion is your thing. This glasses style is for males with a strong personality since it features vintage-look patterns, thick rims, simple lines, edgy hues, massive square shapes, and edgy hues.

Aviator Frames

Our number five today are Titanium glasses frames, which are extremely popular since they are not only lightweight but highly durable. Currently, these are the lightest frames available on the market.

Even though it is one of the strongest eyewear materials on the market, it can be thinner and more flexible than steel or aluminium. They are strong, light and long-lasting, have excellent water-resistant capabilities and are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice of frames for any man.

At The Glasses Company, we have a perfect fit for you. Order your discounted eyeglasses online and make your mark by choosing between our collection of stylish eyeglasses and frames for men.

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