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Varifocal lenses (often known as multifocal or progressive lenses) enable the user to see at both near and distance in the same lens. There is no need to change between a separate reading and separate distance pair.

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Essentially, the lens is split into three segments horizontally. The top portion of the lens is for seeing at distance. The middle portion is for seeing at intermediate length and the lower third is for reading and close up vision. There is a smooth transition between the layers.

ALL glasses shown on the website are handpicked to ensure THEY ARE ALL SUITABLE FOR VARIFOCALS.

The Glasses Company offers THREE varifocal lens options (basic, premium and elite).

The better the varifocal package you opt for, the easier it will be to get used to, the clearer and crisper your vision will be and the less peripheral distortion you will experience.

How to order your Varifocal glasses online

How to order your Varifocal glasses online:

  1. Choose the frames, colour and size you want.
  2. Select Varifocals from the next section.
  3. Choose the quality of varifocal lenses you would like.
  4. Add prescription or send it to us as a photo after placing your order.
  5. Choose your lens package and add any transitions or tints you like to your new varifocal glasses.

Checkout and wait for your new varifocal glasses.

If additional information or clarification is required, a member of our experienced UK based team will contact you by email.

Getting used to your Varifocal lenses

We appreciate new glasses can take some time to get used to. Varifocals are often the hardest type of lenses to get used to. This is because unlike single vision reading or distance lenses which have the same prescription throughout the lenses, the varifocal lenses have three segments of differing prescription. However, it is well worth trying and preserving as Varifocals are often the most useful and most worn type of glasses. We normally recommend users to allow around 30 days to get used to new varifocal glasses.

We have a 30 day trial for Varifocals whereby if you are not 100% satisfied after this time period, you can opt for an exchange to single vision glasses or for a full refund.

Our Guarantee To You.

Our Guarantee To You

As a company, we GUARANTEE to provide you with the best possible prescription glasses custom made for you. Our UK-trained head optician with over 35 years of experience will oversee the manufacturing, glazing and polishing of your glasses in our clean and modern UK based lab. You will receive well-packaged glasses. The frames come standard with a 2 year warranty and a complimentary glasses case and cloth. If you aren’t absolutely delighted with the service and prescription glasses provided, we insist that you tell us and our optician will contact you straightaway and for an unlimited number of times until you are fully happy.

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