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What are photochromic lenses and why do we need them?

13 min read - 24/08/2022

What are photochromic lenses and why do we need them?

Our eyes are simply amazing, and aside from the fact that many people believe they are the windows to the soul, they help us see and help others see us. However, we only receive one pair of eyes in our lifetime, and if we do not take care of them and maintain our vision, we may lose that vital sense permanently.

Our eyes, for example, are responsible for 80% of our sensory impressions, and according to scientific studies, they are also one of the first things we notice when we first meet other individuals. When we go outside in the sun, we apply sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but do we do enough to protect our eyes?

Consider photochromic lenses

Sunglasses are a wonderful way to shield your eyes when you’re out in the sun, but they vary in quality and level of protection. Photochromic lenses, for example, change colour when exposed to sunlight. The lens material contains a chemical that darkens when activated by UV radiation. The more UV rays that strike the lens, the darker it grows and the greater protection it provides. Plastic photochromic lenses are preferable to glass since they are less likely to break and cause injury.

Photochromic lenses also adjust to environmental changes (outdoor, inside, high or low brightness), and they provide significantly higher comfort by reducing glare in the sun and eye strain. They are available for most prescriptions and can be purchased online from reliable online retailers like The Glasses Company.

Is there a difference between polarised lenses and photochromic lenses?

Yes, there is a big difference. Photochromic lenses should not be confused with polarised lenses because they are not the same thing. Polarised lenses are permanently dark tinted, whereas photochromic lenses are clear and transparent at first but darken as soon as they come into contact with sunshine.

As we explained before, when exposed to sunlight, photochromic lenses darken and shield the eyes from UV rays. The reason why these lenses are preferred by most eye doctors, is because they provide adequate protection when needed. Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can result in irreversible corneal and conjunctival damage, but protecting your eyes with a pair of high-quality photochromic lenses, will prevent this.

The benefit of photochromic lenses is that you don’t need two pairs of glasses (one for indoors and one for outside), because the lenses change back to their regular transparent hue as soon as you enter the house or go inside a building that is shielded from direct sunlight. As a result, it is ideal for any prescription glasses.

A cost-effective choice

Because you only need one pair of glasses to protect your eyes inside the house or office and outside, photochromic or transition lenses can be quite cost-effective. They filter a huge portion of the sun’s damaging UV rays, resulting in healthier and happier eyes and fewer trips to the eye doctor.

Furthermore, photochromic lenses are an effective way to avoid computer vision syndrome. Photochromic lenses, which can be ordered online with your prescription glasses (progressive and bifocal glasses) at The Glasses Company, work as normal prescription glasses when inside, and just as well as ordinary sunglasses for outdoor use. They shield your eyes not only from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also from exposure to harmful blue light while watching television, using the computer, or spending long periods of time on your cell phone screen.

We are passionate about eyecare at The Glasses Company, and we want to help you take care of your eyes as best you can, which is why we provide a large selection of prescription glasses and frames to choose from. All you have to do is find exactly what you are looking for, place your order online (enter your prescription at check-out) and wait a few days for your glasses to arrive.

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