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Where and how to buy cheap glasses

12 min read - 23/08/2022

Where and how to buy cheap glasses

At some stage of their lives by far most people are forced to wear glasses. For some it starts early, even during childhood. Others in their 20’s and later.

Budget Conscious – To some it does not matter what they pay when they get these glasses; others, however, may have to be more careful how they spend their money, and to them saving a few – or more – pounds will often be a great factor.

Even though these individuals want to save money when they acquire their glasses – reading or prescription, for example – they may still want to wear a good pair, they may want a great frame as much as the one that has a lot to spend. Therefore it will always be an issue where to find the service provider that will charge less for a great product than some others.

It therefore would serve the budget conscious person well to remember that there are indeed some opticians that offer a free eye test when you buy your glasses from them – you will only pay for the frame and additional services. The same, at times, is true for lenses.

Many people want to save a few pounds where they can, especially if we consider that prescription glasses are normally replaced every two years, and more often if you’re not so young. Add that up over a few years and we get the picture. Tip 1 therefore: find out who the firms are that offer either free eye tests or lenses. You may have to buy your glasses from them, but you will certainly record great savings.

The Online Option – Online shopping for your glasses is often the answer. There are many opticians in shopping malls and other locales in every big city that you can buy from. But, they may not be your best option if you want to buy cheap glasses. And remember: cheap does not necessarily mean sub-standard. There are certainly suppliers that can sell you a great pair at a cheap price.

And yes, the online option is often the best for many. All you have to do is make sure you have an up to date prescription. Some online suppliers actually have an in-house optometrist too, which may mean even greater savings for you, the client. You log on to the online supplier of your choice and follow a few steps to order your pair.

You provide them with your prescription, choose from among the frames on their website and complete your order. Great companies will make it easy for you to choose a lovely, fashionable frame from their selection. All of this happens online.

More Savings – Of course online companies do not run their business from physical premises such as a high street shop. This means they do not pay rent, and they save on salaries for staff. Such savings often go to the pocket of their client who benefits from paying less than one would at a shop on the high street.

The buyer that wants to save should therefore look at the options on the internet. In addition to the obvious, some of these online firms often have specials too. You do not have to drive to the shops all the time to look at their windows. You simply log on as often as you like to see when there are great specials available.

This certainly applies to their designer frames as well. They make sure they buy in at the cheapest price from the designers to be able to offer these savings to the client. So many people these days go or the online option. For them it makes sense in many respects: it is a convenient process, and great money savings are guaranteed.

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