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Where to buy designer blue light glasses online

14 min read - 24/08/2022

Where to buy designer blue light glasses online

People shop online for a variety of reasons, including the convenience of not having to leave the house (particularly during a pandemic) and the savings on public transport and fuel costs. However, when it comes to high-quality products such as designer sunglasses, for example, many people are apprehensive and fearful of buying them online, and to some extent, their fears are fully justified because there are many counterfeits, and many criminals lurking in the dark corners of cyberspace, just waiting to close in on innocent online consumers.

Many consumers are concerned about information theft and fear the loss or sharing of their personal or financial information with third parties. However, as reputable online retailers, we at The Glasses Company strive to provide a dependable and secure experience for all of our customers, and with our trust stamps and SSL security certificates in place, we can assure customers that their information is always protected and that there is nothing to worry about when buying any of our products online.

Now that we’ve cleared the air on that subject, we’d like to talk about one of our well-known and highly popular products with you, which is a pair of designer blue light glasses, because we are one of the few online stores in the UK that sells these highly recommended protective eyewear.

What are blue light glasses?

Computer experts all over the world are fully aware that blue light from computer screens can damage their vision, and because they want to continue working in front of a computer screen for many years to come, they all wear special computer glasses that shield their eyes from screens that emit blue light.

Glasses that protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by most screens (including cellphones) are the perfect solution to tired, aching eyes, whether the result of hours behind the computer screen or poor sleep. When you walk into any open-plan office space these days, you will almost certainly be met by a sea of glass-faced employees. Everyone wears glasses and not because they don’t have 20/20 vision, but because these special blue light glasses shield their eyes from the computer screen. These glasses have blue-purple lenses, which are similar to the popular bright pink, green, and yellow lenses from a few years ago.

What is the fuss about blue light all about?

You may be wondering why we should be concerned about blue light now. After all, blue light is a component of natural sunlight, and everything that lives has been exposed to it since the beginning of time. The issue is the volume, intensity, and the number of hours of exposure that apply these days. High-definition screens on modern computers, smartphones, and even televisions provide a far clearer image than ever before, but it comes at a price.

All of these current technologies employ light from LEDs and other light sources with a significant proportion of blue light. Furthermore, Within the last 10 years we went through a light revolution without almost noticing, for example, old-fashioned light bulbs and neon lights have virtually become museum objects, and today, in addition to our daily dose at work, we are also exposed more and more to blue light at home.

UV light, which includes blue light, is part of the light spectrum with short wavelengths, which also implies that this colour emits more energy, which is what causes eye damage. However, while the eye lens ‘catches’ UV light and prevents it from passing deeper into the eye, it cannot block blue light, allowing these light rays to reach your retina or the back of your eye. Think, for example, macular degeneration of the eye, which is permanent and irreversible damage to the eye!

Now that you are fully informed about the dangers of blue light, you will also understand why it’s important to protect your eyes from it. If you want to avoid cataracts and irreversible vision loss, you need at least two pairs of glasses: a pair of sunglasses to wear outside, and a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes from blue light emitted by digital screens at work (or at home). Please visit our website to learn more about the options we have available to you.

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