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How To Buy The Best Glasses For Yourself?

  • December 1, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Glasses for distance vision are priceless to those of us who need them. Without glasses, we would be fumbling around trying to find things. We wouldn’t be able to drive a car or perform certain tasks. Prescription lenses that allow us to see off into the distance are a great invention. They can also make a great accessory to our wardrobe. Glasses don’t have to be old and unattractive. There are many designers who have come up with brilliant designs for frames that match any occasion or occupation.

Buying glasses for distance vision is very easy and getting frames made by your favorite designer makes the experience all the better. Imagine how amazing a pair of designer frames will look with a sleek dress, or for him, a handsome suit. These frames might be silver or gold metal or they could be rimless. Either choice is a good one.

There are other options as well to include plastic frames in multiple colors. Many choose traditional black or brown but some want a more vibrant color like red or orange. Finally, the shape of the frame matters as well. Choose from oval, round, or rectangle.

Once the designer frame is chosen the shopping experience moves on to selecting the types of lenses that you want.

This is an easy process. You simply fill in the blanks when prompted to. You will need your prescription from the optician for this step. Once that is complete, don’t forget to add-on any extras to the lenses. Add-ons for the lenses might include anti- scratch, anti- glare, or UV protection. You may also consider transition lenses so that you don’t have to constantly switch to sunglasses when you are outside. The final step is the payment process.

By the time you are done with your online shopping trip your glasses for distance vision will be getting made. Expert technicians will work quickly and meticulously to make your lenses perfect. You can expect to take delivery of your new glasses in about a week to 10 working days. You are surely going to love your new designer prescription glasses. If, for some reason, you do not, you may return them but be sure to follow the policy closely.

Cheap Prices for Designer Frames

  • December 1, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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The holidays are a great time of year to look for discounts and great deals so you can buy gifts for family members and friends without breaking the budget. However, if you wear prescription glasses then you can find low prices all throughout the year on frames and lenses and the best part is that they will be shipped directly to your location.

In addition when you are buying glasses online in UK you have access to designer brands at cheap costs, which provides a fashionable solution that everyone can afford. In about five steps you can have the entire process completed with the selection of your favorite frames, enter in prescription information and finalize payment through the secure checkout.

What designer names can you expect to see? Look for Gucci, Police, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Dolce & Gabbana and many others that are well-known in the fashion world for quality and design. This is great for business professionals, sports enthusiasts and social occasions where you want to look your very best and keep your eyes protected.

You can purchase glasses online along with sunglasses for outdoor use to keep the UV rays and sunlight away from your eyes and still have the prescription you need. The prices are low all year long and on top of that the website offers specials and additional sales that change based on the season and preference.

Users can also include the transition capability to avoid multiple glasses for inside and outside or select coatings that protect against glare and other environmental factors. The manufacturer guarantees all products are 100% genuine and backed by the designer brand to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for with the level of quality and fashion that you expect when associated with that designer name.

Get cheap prices all year round and don’t wait for the holidays to come around to get your next pair of prescription eyewear, sunglasses, reading glasses or fashion frames that look great with your favorite outfit. Buy cheap glasses in the UK and have them delivered on a quick turnaround basis so you can start enjoying your purchase as soon as possible.

Purchase Designer Eyewear Online

  • November 7, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Guys are well-known for not stopping for directions, arguing a point that they have already lost and being resistant to the thought of getting older. This means that when it comes to eyesight issues they may put off getting reading glasses longer than they should because of fashion concerns or having to admit that they have less than perfect sight

Regardless of the reason, it is important that they start taking care of their eyes and the best way to do this is to make the eyewear sophisticated with great style and at affordable prices. This is why online vendors in UK have put together a collection of men’s reading glasses comprised of a variety of branded name and designers.

Oakley, Ray Ban, Armani, Police and Prada are just some of the names that you will find when you start shopping online for frames. The prices are so low that you will want to buy a pair for yourself and one for him especially when they offer additional seasonal discounts and free shipping on orders above £75. If he has a prescription then this information can be entered into the system. With a guaranteed timeframe for returns there is no risk that if you purchase the item and are not satisfied but with the choices you have there is no reason he is going to turn the offer down. The line of products is sophisticated, professional and sporty with the option of rims and no rims and being available in a wide range of colors and shapes. The process is just as simple with the shopper choosing the frames, selecting lens type and then proceeding to the checkout for final delivery.

Whether he is willing to order the frames himself or you plan on helping out by shopping for him, the best chance ofgetting the lowest prices and high quality is checking out men’s reading glasses in UK and having them shipped to the desired location as soon as possible.

He will quickly make the adjustment to wearing glasses when he sees how great he looks in a designer brand.

What You Need to Know About Buying Spectacles

  • October 10, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Just because you have worn glasses for years does not mean that you are taking advantage of the best way to order this product. In fact, the majority of spectacle wearers still buy their glasses at a local store even though online ordering on the Internet has been available for a period of time. The perception is that since eyewear is meant to be tried on that you could never receive a quality pair with a designer brand that looks great on you.

This is the far from reality and individuals who have taken the opportunity to order glasses online have found more than they expected in frame selection, lenses and enhancement options. Shoppers can buy frames for fashion use only just because they want to make a statement, or simple and complex prescription glasses that can have coatings and transition features added.

So what do you need to know to have this process work for you? The first step is to find a reliable UK vendor that offers a wide range of designer frame collections for you to choose from such as Gucci, Police, Oakley and many more. The next thing is that the process takes about four steps from beginning to end when you work with the right vendor and every product is guaranteed for customer satisfaction or your money back. Delivery is based on a quick turnaround time for each order with 1-2 weeks from the time you complete the checkout until the product arrives at your doorstep. All your information is secured and representatives are available by phone if you need assistance during any part of the online process or if you have any questions and concerns.

The busy schedule you have makes it difficult to work in the annual eye test much less having to shop at the store and then come back again in a few weeks (sometimes a month) to pick them up and try them on. Instead, you can have all the convenience of being able to order glasses online and none of the hassle or negatives with the quality of the product or how to get exactly what you want within your budget.

Finding Designer Glasses Online at Affordable Prices

  • September 6, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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Customers are always looking for a great deal on products and items they purchase online and when they can get something for free, then it is even better. This is why many glasses wearers in the UK go online and take advantage of the cheap designer glasses where shipping is free. Not only do they get a quality pair of glasses along with purchasing reading glasses or just a frame only , but now they don’t have to pay to have them shipped to their location, if their order is of a certain amount.
Cheap designer glasses come complete with a case and cleaning cloth and you can save with the help of online codes and bargains. The process is fairly simple with only 4-5 steps from start to finish and the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere, because you can order them from the convenience of your own home. This is much easier than having to take time off, leave work or give up part of your weekend to go and buy a pair of glasses.

Shoppers can choose from top name brands in the industry like Police, Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci and many more that people think they will never be able to afford. The key is finding the best online UK vendor that specialises in these products where quality standards are never sacrificed and you can select any colour, size and design that works for you. Pick your frame, choose quantity, add your prescription and then finalise the order and once it meets the requirements, then they will be shipped for free to the UK location of your choice as long as the order is over £75 pounds. So you are saving on gas, time, energy and labour by going to your computer and using the latest technology to shop for an item that may be new for you or something you have worn most of your life.

Go online today and get your next pair of cheap designer glasses online and don’t worry about the shipping cost because the company will cover it for you.

Multiple Prescription Glasses Without the Stigma

  • September 6, 2016
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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The ability to have multiple prescriptions in a single lens has been around for quite some time but with a stigma. Bifocals have always been considered or thought of as ‘old people’ glasses because of the lines that separated the near and distance formulas, so that the wearer did not have to switch back and forth between several pairs of eyewear. However, some people would rather do this or have trouble seeing rather than wearing the ‘glasses with lines’.

The industry quickly fixed this and came up with the ‘no lines’ or varifocals which have the exact same function as bifocals but without the distinguishing line across the lens making it a popular item across all ages. If you are a first time wearer, then there are some facts you need to consider before you decide to purchase this type of lens to ensure that you want to buy varifocals and that you get the best kind.

Online vendors that specialise in designer brand eyewear typically offer three different types of varifocals. This is due to price and personal preference by the wearer based on their comfort level with the side distortion. When you go shopping online be sure to review the differences in the formats that range in a narrow to wide field of clear vision and decreased distortion. It is this feature that requires the most adjustment for first time wearers because single prescriptions do not have this in the lens.

When you want to buy varifocals online, ask about their returns policy and time frame in the event that you simply cannot adjust or need to upgrade to a higher option. Vendors are generally very understanding because they are aware of the significant difference in use and while some are able to adjust quite easily, there are others that need an elite option or separate glasses to accommodate. You can select the frame, colour and quantity along with additional coatings, tints and transitions to enhance the overall wear and functionality of your glasses through a simple step by step process on the website.