Essential Ways to Make Eyeglasses Last Longer

  • August 10, 2017
  • By : Staff, The Glasses Company
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People invest a lot of time and money in choosing the right eyeglasses. Most of the time, they select the one that redefinetheir style, personality and preferences. That is why it is more than important to keep them protected so that they can serve you for long.

Here are a few ways to extend the life of eyeglasses:


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Most of the people fail to keep their eyeglasses at a specific location as a result they lose them. One of the best ways is to put them on the eyeglass stand or in an eyeglass case. This will keep them away from dirt, debris and dust, and also miles away from getting scratches. Hence, store your eyeglasses properly.



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Most people wipe their eyeglasses to remove tiny particles and dust, which is a big mistake because wiping may cause permanent damage to the lenses, which degrades the overall life of eyeglasses. Therefore, you should always rinse your eyeglasses to clean them. However, you should also make sure that your hands are clean and dirt free.

Never wear it on hair


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In order to look beautiful and stylish, people put eyeglasses on their head. It must be noted that putting eyeglasses on your head can distort the temples overtime. In fact, there is also a chance of falling and breaking of eyeglasses.

Careful handling


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If you want to keep your eyeglasses in the best condition, use your both hands while putting them on or off. It will never distort them as well as extend their life.

Avoid extreme temperatures


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To keep your eyeglasses safe and protected, avoid taking or leaving them in extreme temperatures because it may damage their lenses, and can cause breakage as well.

Use eyeglass tools


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No body, can predict damage in future, that is why, it is always good to keep eyeglass tools. You may need these tools to tighten the screws at regular intervals or for any minor adjustment. It will also help you to keep your eyeglasses in the best shape.

So, use the above mentioned techniques to extend the life of your eyeglasses.