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Which lens is for you?

Here at The Glasses Company, choose your brand new glasses at a fraction of the high street cost. You can save an average of 65% on the cost of your prescription lenses. We have a laboratory, technicians and a team of opticians onsite. 

When you buy your glasses, you will need to choose:

  • The type of lenses you require - varifocal, reading, distance, computer etc.
  • The lens package you require
  • Whether you would like additional coating - like transition lenses, digital protection or tints


Single Vision –
The simplest and most common form of prescription lenses. The whole lens will contain a single uniform power to make a correction. This means glasses with these types of lenses can be used for only one of three things:

  • Near vision – eg. Reading 
  • Intermediate – eg. Computer work
  • Distance – eg. Driving

Bifocals –
A single lens with two segments - normally with the upper part of the lens for distance and the lower part for reading. Although bifocal lenses do have a separating line, they still allow users to have a single pair for both reading and distance unlike with single vision lenses where one frame maybe required for distance and another one for reading.

Ideal for people who:

  •   -  Have had bifocals before 
  •   -  Are recommended bifocals by an optician
  •   -  Want one pair to see both near and distance
  •   -  Have different prescription for near and distance

Varifocals –
A single lens which allows clear vision at near and at distance without the separating line of bifocal lenses.

The varifocals we sell are exactly the same as you would find on a high street store, just at half the price. We use only premium lens manufacturers that are tried and tested - based in either the UK or Germany based on your prescription requirements.

The better the quality of the varifocal lens you choose, the better the clarity you will get. You will get a less distortion between the reading part, intermediate part and distance part of the lens.

For more information, please see our Varifocals page.

Benefits varifocal lenses have over bifocal lenses:

  •   -  Cosmetic benefit of having no visible separating line in the lens
  •   -  Less distortion between near intermediate and distance vision 
  •   -  Improved clarity peripherally 
  •   -  Easier adaption for first time wearers

Fashion use/frame only –
Select this option during checkout if you do not want prescription lenses. The frame will come with standard demonstration lenses.

This could be if you are buying:

  •   -  the frame for fashion use only
  •   -  have an alternative arrangement for your lenses elsewhere


Standard -

Standard plastic lenses
Durable at a budget price
No protective coatings


Bronze -

Standard plastic lenses
Anti - scratch coating
Anti - reflectant coating



Thin 1.6 index plastic lenses

Benefits include:

1. Free anti - reflection coating

2. Free anti - scratch coating

3. UV 400 protection



Thinner 1.67 index plastic lenses
Thinner, lighter and more comfortable lenses

1. Free anti - reflection coating

2. Free anti - scratch coating

3. UV 400 protection


Platinum -

Ultra thin 1.74 index plastic lenses
Thinnest, lightest and most comfortable lenses we offer

1. Free anti - reflection coating

2. Free anti - scratch coating

3. UV 400 protection



Ever considered having only one pair of glasses... for both indoors and outdoors, sun and rain?

Try our NEW Transition lenses!

2 colour options:


Key features -


  • - Self adjusting lenses.
  • - Indoors – they are clear like conventional optical lenses
  • - Outdoors – in the sun, the lenses darken to either grey or brown depending on your colour preference.
  • - Ideal for most users who want one pair of glasses to do two jobs
  • - Suitable for any frame and any prescription
  • - Provide 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • - The brighter it is, the darker the lenses become

Available for any prescription and any lens type including bifocals and varifocals.



- A premium specially designed coating over lenses that helps to reduce harmful blue light emitted from screens, like mobiles, tablets and computers.

- Reduces digital eye strain and increases comfort from long term wear. 

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